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Crepes made by a real French guy...creating bridges between cultures and people

Let's start with a little anecdote

A gentleman approached me once  to see ''the face of the real French guy'' and asked me genuinely ''You are the French guy, but what are your origins?'' To which I answered spontaneously ''same as yours my friend, a gigantic explosion 13.8 billion years ago!'' We paused and staring at each other for a second, we laughed, very hard! 

 Well, a few billion years later the French guy was born..and raised in France by fantastic immigrant parents from Algeria!

My four sisters and I (yes four! I love them and admire them. They are my rock and my slap in the cheek when my ego gets out of control!),  we were lucky to have parents who were very sociable and always had friends from many different communities, coming home, eating food at our table, sharing great memories and laughter. 

 Thanks to all those people and my parents, I learned at an early age, not fear our differences, embrace them!  Do not antagonize  cultures, Love them!''

Later on, my travels around the world before moving to the US taught me this very important lesson:

Wherever we go, whomever we encounter, when we dig under the layers of cultures, colors, religions, educations, political and economical backgrounds, we can see that we are all looking for the same thing: 

To love and to be loved

We just have different ways to express it.


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