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We are more than a mobile caterer, we are a partner, we understand your challenges and priorities. 

Film Industry

You need flexibility and speed: 

We block the full day for you to adjust to your dynamic schedules. From your call to our arrival, 4 hours' notice to be ready to serve 150 cast and crew members. We are your last minute champions!

Upscale events

You need originality and a surprise effect:

We will bring performance, speed and elegance to surprise, mesmerize, your family, neighbors, friends, best clients. We have the mindset of event planners and will support you to make your event a Big memorable Hit! 


You need to inject creativity, fun, and glamour to your event:

We will help you make your employees, clients, and partners feel very acknowledged and appreciated for their dedication. We know how to make them feel very special with our very special treat.

Greek Houses

You need more than a caterer, you need a supportive partner:

It is a lot of pressure to organize a huge graduation party or parent weekends. We will take out of your shoulder a big part of stress with our autonomy, efficiency, speed, and very thoughtful approach: You tell us where to set up, we take care of everything else!

Partial client list

Warner Bros 




Pinewood Studio

Tyler Perry Studio

Blackhall Studio

Eue Screen Gems


Georgia Tech

Georgia World Congress Classic Center Athens

Home Depot 

Google Alexia

The Walking Dead


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