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Make your choice in our three menus adapted to different types of events and atmosphere: 
A breakfast/brunch, a Casual or an upscale celebration we have the menu and service fitting your needs. 

Weddings, Rehearsals, Corporate, Film industry, Graduations, Anniversary, Bar Mizvah, Quinceañera, with our French Easy, and the French Chic,  we will meet you where it makes the most sense for you and your guests. 
                                 We have a minimum contracts/sales guarantees: $1200 

A personal indoor and outdoor chef experience with our three adapted menus

1) The French Easy 

Total Flexibility full menu Unlimited Crepes for two hours

*French Easy (Savory+Sweet Crepes full menu)

12 per guest 

Vegan and GF included on-demand,

no extra charge

The French Easy and Chic to print.png

2) The French Brunch

Brunch Crepes and menu

25 per guest

 Breakfast and brunch crepes +

assortment of viennoiseries and quality


French Brunch.jpg

3) The French Chic à domicile

Unlimited Crepes

French Chic: Unlimited crepes, homemade sides, quality soft drinks, complementary gift bags for guests

34 per guest

Vegan and gluten-free batter at no extra charge

CHIC 1030 (2).png

We have a minimum contracts/sales guarantees: $1200 

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